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About TechSpokes

For the past 15 years, we’ve been committed to delivering top-notch solutions to our clients. Along the way, we’ve crafted numerous premium tools designed to enhance the business performance of WordPress websites. Recognizing the broader potential of these solutions, we decided it was time to share them more widely.

That’s why we’ve created the TechSpokes Store. Here, we’re offering access to our exclusive collection of plugins, each one a product of our extensive experience and dedication to excellence. They were built to address the real-world needs of business owners like you, helping to streamline operations and boost your website efficiency.

Current Release

AI Comment Moderator

Saves 85% of Comment Moderation Time!

Our team has just released the WordPress plugin we have been running for about 9 months on the websites we manage. What does it do? This plugin smartly automates moderation tasks, from publishing worthy comments to filtering out spam, allowing meaningful discussions to flourish. Learn more about AI Comment Moderator plugin.

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Future Releases

G-Search for WP

Enhance your WordPress site with Google Custom Search Engine™, offering users precise and relevant search results. This plugin integrates smoothly into your site’s design, maintaining your brand’s look while improving the search experience. With its detailed settings panel, you can control search performance and Google API costs, ensuring searches are relevant and cost-effective.

Content Suggestions

Elevate your website with AI-powered content suggestions, offering a personalized experience akin to that of major corporations but at a manageable cost. This plugin tailors content recommendations to each visitor’s interests, significantly boosting engagement and improving the user experience. Its positive impact on SEO metrics makes it a favorite with search engines, ensuring your site stands out in search rankings. See this plugin in action on the Beat of Hawaii website.

Video Scripts

This AI-powered plugin is a game-changer for creating marketing video scripts directly from your WordPress content. Tailored for platforms like Vidon.ai, it crafts high-quality scripts in seconds, offering a rich user interface for customization. Add media, tweak as needed, and send video and voice generation projects. Create engaging social media videos quickly, turning work hours into minutes and boosting your digital presence.

More Than Just Plugins

The innovations listed above are just the beginning. At TechSpokes Store, we’re continuously working on developing a broader range of tools and resources to enhance your WordPress site further. Our commitment extends beyond these upcoming releases, promising a suite of solutions that cater to various aspects of digital success. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking tools redefining your online presence and operational efficiency.

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About TechSpokes Inc.

At TechSpokes Inc. (originally a US-based corporation, today, in the process of moving the operations to France), we’re a team driven by a passion for harnessing innovative technology to empower vacation rental managers to achieve excellence. Founded by Jeff, Rob, and Serge, TechSpokes brings a rich blend of web development, marketing, and e-commerce expertise. Our hands-on, trustworthy, and cutting-edge approach ensures we deliver optimal client results, utilizing technology for standout marketing outcomes. With our roots in the USA and France, we are committed to your success. Visit our About page for more details.

Jeff Tucker

CEO / Owner

Rob Kvidt

CMO / Owner

Serge Liatko

CTO / Owner

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