AI Comment Moderator for WordPress

AI Comment Moderator

Introducing the AI Comment Moderator, a state-of-the-art WordPress plugin designed to streamline the management of user comments through advanced AI technology. Say goodbye to tedious manual moderation and welcome a new era of automated efficiency and enhanced discussion quality on your site.

Is AI Comment Moderator Plugin For Me?

Short version: If comment moderation on your WordPress website takes you more than 5 minutes a weekyes, the AI Comment Moderator is for you!

Detailed version: The AI Comment Moderator plugin is designed to automate the common comment moderation tasks within your WordPress website that would otherwise be done by humans. Considering the base salary of a human moderator in the United States costs a business around 25 USD per hour, the plugin pays for itself if your moderation task takes you more than 5 minutes a week.

What if I do not have the comments enabled on my website?

If you have disabled them because you do not have time to moderate them, then yes, this plugin can remove that constraint and allow you to enjoy the benefits of having real comments published on your website (like control of the brand’s image and customer’s public feedback, SEO “bonuses,” community engagement, etc.)

My website has a strict comment policy, and I do not believe any plugin (AI or not) can handle that.

Seeing is believing. The plugin has an advanced comment-scoring system that you can easily tailor to your comment policy specifics. And if that is not enough, the plugin can be easily extended to learn from your past moderation decisions and apply the same rules.

To achieve total control, nothing prevents you from approaching comment moderation from the “other side” – where all comments are held for moderation by default, spam is filtered out, and excellent comments are published immediately. What is left in the moderation queue are the legitimate comments that need special attention from a human (that’s how we’ve managed to handle our almost 100k comments), saving you about 85% of the time spent on moderating comments.

How the AI Comment Moderator Plugin Works

When a new comment is submitted to your website, the AI Comment Moderator plugin initially stands by, letting WordPress and other plugins detect spam or approve legitimate comments. If these tools handle the comment by catching spam or approving it, our plugin remains on standby.

However, if a comment slips through and lands in the moderation queue, that’s when our hero takes center stage:

1. Spammy Links Check

First, it checks if the comment includes links to domains that have been flagged as spam in the past. If so, it takes the necessary action based on your settings. This is done locally without any API calls.

2. AI Scoring

Next, the plugin scores the comment based on the value it adds to the discussion. It uses advanced AI models to assess the quality and relevance of the comment’s content.

3. Rule Application

Depending on the score, the plugin applies the rules you’ve set up to determine what to do next—whether to discard, trash, mark the comment as spam, or approve it.

4. Handling Delicate Scores

Comments that get a medium score, which might need more scrutiny, are returned to the moderation queue for a human to review.

5. Streamlined Moderation

Ultimately, this plugin makes your moderation queue much smaller and easier to manage, especially with the ‘sort by score’ feature, which lets you quickly group comments by the score to make faster decisions.

By simplifying the moderation process, the AI Comment Moderator ensures you spend less time (85% savings from our personal experience) sifting through comments and more time engaging with your community, keeping the conversation healthy and lively.

Efficient API Usage and Solid Site Defense

The AI Comment Moderator plugin not only offers a cost-effective solution for managing comments—approximately $1 for moderating 1,000 comments—but also enhances site defense with its innovative Linked Domains Filter. This feature stands out among AI-based moderation tools by identifying domains linked to previously flagged spam or trash. During massive spam bot attacks, it activates ‘fortress’ mode, enabling immediate, local actions without any OpenAI API calls. This strategy significantly reduces operational costs and ensures robust protection against extensive spam activities, making it far more effective than typical moderation solutions.

What Do You Get with AI Comment Moderator

Streamlined Moderation

Save up to 85% of the time spent on manual comment moderation. The AI Comment Moderator automates evaluations, allowing you to focus more on user engagement and less on comment management. Ideal for high-traffic sites where comment volumes are extensive.

Cost Efficiency

Moderate 1,000 comments for just about $1 with the AI Comment Moderator. This economical solution reduces dependency on costly API calls, especially effective during high spam periods with its ‘fortress’ mode, which mitigates threats locally, keeping operational costs low.

Better Quality

Improve discussion quality and protect your site with advanced AI that filters out spam and malicious content. The AI Comment Moderator ensures only relevant, enriching comments are visible, enhancing user interactions while maintaining a secure online environment.



($ 163.49/year/site*)

Details: Ideal for individual site owners.
Access: Single website.
Billing: Charged monthly until cancellation.


($ 10.00/month/site*)

Details: Perfect for committed bloggers or small businesses.
Access: Single website.
Billing: Charged annually until cancellation.


($ 6.67/month/site*)

Details: Great for small businesses managing multiple sites.
Access: Up to 5 websites.
Billing: Charged annually until cancellation.


($ 4.17/month/site*)

Details: Designed for large organizations or agencies.
Access: Up to 20 websites.
Billing: Charged annually until cancellation.

Additional Information

  • * Every plan is subject to a 10% discount on subscription renewals to recompense your loyalty.
  • All plans come with full access to the totality of AI Comment Moderator plugin capabilities.
  • Professional and Enterprise plans include premium support, providing you with direct assistance and priority response to maximize the value of your investment.

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Free up your time and focus on engaging your audience instead of sifting through comments. With the AI Comment Moderator plugin, streamline your moderation process, improve interaction quality, and protect your site from spam—all with minimal effort.

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Still Deciding? Learn More and Buy with Confidence

While we are preparing a comprehensive series of video overviews showcasing the AI Comment Moderator plugin, its features, and settings, you can explore detailed discussions and user experiences on the OpenAI forum to learn more about the plugin’s capabilities, historical development, real-life applications, costs, and results directly from users.

If you have any pre-sales questions or need further information, feel free to use the chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. Our team is ready to assist you with any inquiries to help you make the best decision.

Additionally, we offer a 15-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked, to ensure you can try our plugin risk-free. Please see our refund policy for more details.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your website’s moderation process with zero risks.

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  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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